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An electronic home protection

Burglary affects all habitat types, mostly during the day.

By investing in an effective security system, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. An alarm is a deterrent in 95% of cases!

For this, it should be easy to activate, detect intrusion, effectively deter and even raise the alarm.

Securing a house must take into account various parameters:

  • Presence of children,
  • Pets
  • Home staff
  • Or the workplace (professional)


alarme1The solutions offered by ACTION security allow you a maximum security setting of your home while adapting to your specific needs and respecting the lifestyle of each of the inhabitants.


  • Personal child care, garden maintenance
  • That you pay home to friends
  • Seasonal renters
  • In addition, aesthetic considerations are taken into account


An alarm system is composed mainly of:

  • A center (the heart of the alarm)
  • Multiple detectors, both of contact, movement, exterior or interior,
  • Indoor and outdoor sirens
  • And you transmit real-time information