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Connected Locks

Locks “connected” allow you to open your door without having to use a wrench. These new locks can improve your daily life:

– You no longer have to carry your key with you

– More risk than children wander the key housing

– Some people, especially older have the key insertion difficulties in the Eve of the lock. With the fingerprint reader or a remote control, this problem does not arise

– The door is automatically locked after closing

– In the case of a person in bed, the various stakeholders (physician, nurse, caregiver, housekeeper, home catering company …) can have different codes with different access rights to time slots pre-determined. The inputs and outputs of all these people are registered through their codes and stored in the system (the programming is easy).

The possibilities of operation are numerous: smartphone, remote control, fingerprint reader, card reader, and of course … the key. The authorization of access to your home (family, friends, neighbors …) can be transferred by phone, using a secure encrypted protocol. Also, this robotic cylinder mounted inside your home is visible from the outside (respect condominium rules).

In choosing a lock “connected”, the quality and the security level of the door cylinder is decisive. The solutions we offer include a cylinder meeting safety prevention requirements such as tearing, picking, drilling.

Once the installation done in your home, we give you the information folder, and you are training for the subsequent use of different modes that can fully use all the features of this system are autonomous.

Connected locks existed for ten years, they begin to enter the landscape of our houses because all their possibilities are now accessible to the greatest number, and bring to our daily lives a real plus in which everyone will find its own advantages. Do not hesitate to take the plunge!