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Armored Handles


The majority of robberies begins with an attack on the key input cylinder (too easily or in excess of the door).

To secure your front door or back door, install a security door handles that will protect you against vandalism, break-in attempts and malicious attacks such as breakage and uprooting.

Frequently, armored landing handle models (for apartments) do not include a handle (stand) outside, but a flap on a steel plate, which is embedded in the cylinder.

The opening of the door can not be done without the key from the outside: no manipulation of the handle is possible, increasing safety, especially if you live in a high traffic area (center or apartment building -city).

The handle is secured through the door. No screws are outside appears to enhance the deterrent and not be removable from outside.

These handles are supplied with a protective cylinder and rotary tablet anti drilling and anti pull the cylinder.