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Security cylinder

To acquire effective security on your door, choose a lock adapted to transform your door in a barrier against intrusion. The opinion of an experienced locksmith is recommended to advise you on the type of lock that you need to habitat.
There are types of locks for each door


Select and install a lock involves significant attention in order to provide optimal security by the lock, there are several types of locks as needed:

– Tubular Lock

– Mortise lock (mortise lock or mortise)

– Security Lock

– European Cylinder

– Multiple locking



Importance of providing a high quality door cylinder.


80% of burglars go through the front door, so it is extremely significant to dwell on this issue by looking at the quality of your door cylinder.

1 / The quality of the roller door. Often when you buy a door, it is sold with a barrel of entry level, breakable in seconds by the most novice burglars …. How to recognize a lock cylinder with a series of barrel? The first thing is to look at the keys, if they look like box key letterbox or gate, short conventional key (security cylinder keys are easily recognizable by their often square shape and their complex design, mixing points bumps), and you do not have owner card (only way to rebuild and replicate security keys), you can be sure that your cylinder is an entry-cylinder, simple steel, without any protection against picking, drilling or pulling …. So if that is the case, it is really important to change your cylinder by a security cylinder which is at least planned anti picking, anti drilling and anti tear. Therefore your barrel will be designed to withstand the most common break-cylinder techniques, namely the picking is to operate the locking springs located inside the barrel, drilling is to drill the cylinder with a drill to break these same springs and uprooting consitant to pull the cylinder with locking pliers.

2/ Le dépassement du cylindre par rapport à la porte, ce dernier ne doit pas dépasser de plus de 5mm, au risque qu’un cambrioleur ait assez de prise pour casser le barillet avec une pince-étau et un marteau.

Même si votre cylindre de sécurité est prévu anti arrachage, il est préférable de le protéger grâce à une rosace de sécurité en acier blindé.

2 / Exceeding the cylinder with respect to the door, it should not exceed more than 5mm, the risk that a burglar had enough grip to break the barrel with locking pliers and a hammer.

Even if your security cylinder is provided anti tear, it is best to protect through armored steel security rose.

Once these checks done and once all the improvements effected, you will have removed several possible intrusion solutions to perform a burglary.

Do not neglect the quality of your cylinder because it is a target for burglars, while we often tenants and propriaitres, not familiar with the burglary techniques, we tend to not pay attention … so do not hesitate especially not to dismiss several possible intrusion solutions to perform a burglary.