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Door Shielding

Why should-you shield your door?

In 2014, more than 360,000 burglaries were recorded in France (source: Ministry of Interior). In over 80% of cases, the thieves went through the front door.

4 main breaking techniques have been noted:

– Fracturing or tearing of the door cylinder,

– Plucking of locking points crowbar,

– Breaking the side door hinges,

– Cutting the door for manway.
Each of these burglaries take less than 5 minutes to open the door.

If you want to both keep your door and raise the security level of your home, the shielding door is the right solution. This is to dress your existing door (wood or other materials) of a steel thickness that will make it very difficult or impossible burglary thereof.

The door to shield the solution is often chosen in cases where the condo requires you to keep your original door, especially if you enjoy your door or for economic reasons. The door shield is in effect deemed less expensive than installing a security door, which it is to completely replace your existing door by a steel door fully. There are various door shielding techniques:

the pivot holder shield (a steel plate is placed on the inner side of door)
the holder sleeve shield (reinforced, shield uses a steel plate which is folded on the fields of the outer side door). The door frame is also strengthened by the addition of a steel frame to support the weight of the future armored door
Indeed, everything shielding adds weight to your door, thus, part of your door (door frame) will also be strengthened. Thus, the door shield operation includes three operations:

the embodiment of the metal frame (the frame)
shielding the door
laying a new lock

Price of a pivot door shield

For a classic entrance door, installing a shield to pivot will be charged on average between 1000 and 1600 €. This price includes the supply of materials and installation. Note that naturally will double this door shielding rate for a double door.

Our opinion: the pivot shielding effect will discourage burglars and prevent burglary. However, it remains a method of shielding limited door, choose only if the burglary threats are limited. If the shielding cost of a door is not too critical factor for you, may be we should invest in a more efficient solution.


Price of a barrel door shield

The exposure rate of a screen door to sheath enter the upper class, since prices will be between 2000 and 2900 approximately € for a single entry door. At this price, you will keep your current entrance door (provided it is sufficiently thick) to be specially reinforced, including through a metal sheath.

Our opinion: the sheath shielding, if done on a solid door with of course the installation of a safety lock, is an optimal solution. We choose the particular if you do not want / can not change his front door (for example as part of a condominium) but that one seeks a good shielding solution.


Price of a security door

Remains the most effective solution. The cost of a security door block will reflect its quality. It must indeed be between 3500 and 5000 € to ask a block security door, delivery included. At this rate, you will enjoy the best door shielding solution. however careful to choose a model to your liking because some armored doors are austere.

Our opinion: the block security door is clearly a must in this area! Unfortunately, its price is in line with. Therefore, we recommend installing a reinforced door block for those looking for maximum safety or have been burgled in the past.