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Securing Garage Doors

Garage doors are often neglected in the emergency control your assets.

Whether to protect your car, motorcycle, scooter, bikes, wine cellar, tools, skis … whatever is your home but stored in your garage, deserves a level of protection that will save you the hassle:

  • burglary,
  • the elicitation of all or part of your property,
  • of the complaint,
  • the expertise of insurance,
  • the obsolescence rate applied by insurance companies in your stolen property …

Whether your garage is communicating at home or remote from your main home, its security level is very often that of the original installation, which corresponds to a ridiculous level security.


Often these doors are opened by burglars in under a minute.

All the weaknesses of the door are then used, whether the functional play of the moving parts which is oversized origin because of large manufacturing series, the wear game related thereto to a cumulative use during several years without maintenance or adjustment, or the poor quality of the closure system which frequently dates from the time of installation of the door.

ACTION SURETE studied simple solutions to most existing garage doors.

As each door has these specific vulnerability features, suitable examination is necessary to determine with you the level of security you want, and the equipment being installed to address the weaknesses of the door, depending on your budget.


Resumption of games and overall adjustment
Laying shelf angles for improved rigidity and reduced functional games operated by burglars
Changing your lock to add a top locking point
Changing the original cylinder by cylinder certified A2P a star
Installing a low point anti tilting door
Etc …
Price: from 210 euros