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Mailbox lock

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How to open and self replacing a lock mailbox?

The most common error in a mailbox lock change is to think you can easily fit any model of our mailbox, it’s true, sometimes people come to cobble something for often a poor result, but more often it is impossible, so it is better to lose a little time at the start to find exactly the same lock.

The opening of the lock or harvester mailbox.

To open a mailbox lock closed, three solutions:

The fine opening or crocheting.
Ask the postman to open the mailbox.
The fine opening or crocheting

Mailbox locks are usually fairly easy system to crochet with two paper clips or other improvised tool would be a shame not to try for a chance in ten to arrive at the opening.

The purchase of the lock.

After opening the lock, you have to find exactly the same lock, the best solution is to go to a locksmith it will cost in general in the € 25 but a good locksmith will give you exactly the same, you can also find them in supermarkets but watch out for similar versions, but incompatible.

If you are in La Seyne sur Mer, Six furnaces, Sanary, Bandol, Saint Mandrier, ollioules, Le pradet, Hyères, Toulon, our price for opening and replacing a mailbox lock is 90 € TTC, movement, opening and replacing the lock, with the exception of high security versions which are extremely rare.